You Make Your Bed & Then You Sleep In It

In the midst of the wild turf war which has exploded amongst some of my friends around words, compounds and catch-phrases and any attendant recognition, credit, honor, metaphysical royalties and/or intellectual property rights pertaining to said vocabulary, I can honestly lay claim to the following as being my own children, either in the purest sense insofar as they sprang like Athena from my forehead, or in the sense that I heard them in a neutral context and popularized them in our argot.

1) “It just feels right.”
2) “I do what I want.”
3) “Slashed”; in reference to severe inebriation.
4) O’Donnellian; in reference to any and all aspects of the lore, mythology, preferences real or imagined, tastes, hair-styles, colloquialisms and perhaps most pertinently, drum-fills of one Devin O’Donnell.
5) Richard Donald Ouineau


2 thoughts on “You Make Your Bed & Then You Sleep In It

  1. “i do what i want” – public domain. long since popularized to me by kimberly moody. i’ll give you the rest. although #3 may not have caught on quite enough to warrant making the list, #1 is a truly a taxable, patented benism.

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