I was having dinner with my brother and wife yesterday, when Jon looked out the window and observed, “The sun has gone down on your twenties.”

Today is my 30th birthday, and I cannot think of a more apt day on which to celebrate that milestone than Thanksgiving. My life is filled with blessing and wonder, love and grace. The last vestiges of boyhood are gone, and manhood has arrived, with all its responsibilities and pleasures. God knows what the next decade will bring, or if I even have a decade left.

I walked out into the living room this morning to find a gigantic poster that my wife had made. A banner really. I’ve always loved the idea of banners. A streaming flag that you fly from your castle and then ride with into battle. May I be found worthy of the banners of justice and mercy during the next ten years, and the next. May I always fight to be on the side of courage and grace, so that when the road ends I can rise up with confidence and walk toward the gates of splendor.


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